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Our family dentist office in Annandale VA is equipped with the latest in digital technologies. You may not think about this when determining what dental office will meet your family’s oral health needs, but dental technology is a major factor in the dentistry treatment process. We want our patients to receive the highest quality dental care so we use the best dental technologies. Continue reading to learn more information about our advanced dental technology and feel free to ask our staff about all of our latest technologies and techniques that our family dentist provides at our Annandale VA office.

Intraoral Camera

The introduction of intraoral photography in dentistry has proven to be extremely helpful for patients and dentists. The intraoral camera gives our dentists images that allow them to show patients what dentists see. It is approximately the size and shape of a dental mirror. The camera has a built-in light source and acts a tiny video camera that can give patients a video tour of the inside of their mouth or zoom in on a tooth with 25x magnification. Using this amazing device our dentists and patients can view these images together and discuss oral health concerns and treatment options. Our professionals will capture intraoral photos to create clear images of damaged teeth or oral structures to help our patients understand their oral health care needs.

Digital X-Rays

Intraoral cameras allow dentists to view the visible parts of the mouth and so we use digital x-rays to view the supportive and interior dental structures. With our digital x-rays our dentists can view HD images of our patients’ smiles. Our patients can view these images with our dentists and discuss what steps to take next for their dental care. Digital x-rays provide instant images and expose patients to less radiation. With instant images we are able to get your image to a dental lab, specialist office, or insurance company instantly. This means our patients are safer and have to spend less time in the dentist’s chair. We want our patients to have a comfortable, efficient, and easy visit to our office in Annandale VA and that’s why we use advanced dental technology.

Same Day Crowns

Our office utilizes latest Planmeca CAD-CAM technology to make your crowns and restorations in office while you wait. No more temporary crowns, waiting for days to get the final crowns and taking multiple days off. Our Milling machines have tolerances of up-to 10microns resulting in a seamless fit. Call our office to see you are a candidate.


CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computer Tomography. Our office has a low dose CBCT machine that takes 3d images of your teeth and bones at extremely low doses, many times lower then a low dose digital 2D x-ray. This gives us the capability to better diagnose any conditions that may be missed with conventional imaging techniques.

Color 3D Camera

With our Emerald 3D scanner we can recreate a full scale color 3D model of your teeth for future reference and diagnosis. These models can be used to make exact replica crowns in the future if your were to need one. They also serve as a baseline reference point to monitor long term changes in your teeth and gums.