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Fixing or removing unsalvageable teeth is vital to the overall health and appearance of your mouth. To help Annandale, VA individuals replace extracted or missing teeth, oral surgeon Dr. Leonel Perez and prosthodontist Dr. Harshit Aggarwal are thrilled to provide lifelike dental implants as tooth replacements. Fixed implants utilize titanium posts that act as substitute tooth roots. Personalized dental crowns, bridges, or dentures take the place of the erupted parts of the lost teeth. If you are dealing with tooth loss, come in for an examination at the Center for Dentofacial Aesthetics and inquire about your dental implant options.

Dental implants are often preferred for their significant range of possible oral health advantages. As tooth root replacements, implants installed at our Annandale, VA office:

  • Yield enhanced biting force and stability of replacement teeth
  • Function as a long-lasting replacement solution
  • Enable the consumption of a healthy diet
  • Never make use of nearby teeth to maintain their position
  • Replicate natural tooth roots in function and look
  • Merge with the jaw to maintain jawbone health and strength
  • Could improve your self-assurance while having conversations and when your teeth show

Customized dental implants for replacing lost teeth, whether it's a single tooth or multiple, offer a lasting solution. Dental implants may be the ideal choice for you if you've suffered tooth loss, require tooth extractions, or are dissatisfied with your current tooth replacement. Successful implantation relies on sufficient bone support, healthy gums, and a stable oral environment. In some cases, additional treatments may be necessary to ensure you qualify as an ideal candidate. However, it's important to note that implants may not be suitable for expecting mothers, tobacco users, or individuals with specific health concerns. Dr. Aggarwal will assess your suitability for oral implants during your visit and guide you accordingly.

The technique for fixed implants involves the surgical placement of the implant and the attachment of a natural-looking, customized replacement, like partial dentures, overdentures, bridges, and crowns. Once your mouth is prepared for surgery, it will be numbed with oral anesthesia. Additional sedation services may be utilized to allow you to feel more at ease if you have any anxiety about the procedure. The titanium post will be strategically set within the jawbone at the correct location and over time will merge with the jaw through a phenomenon known as osseointegration. When the treatment area has recovered, which usually takes several months, we will place a custom fixed denture, crown, or other tooth restoration and check the alignment of your bite.

Men and women who have this procedure could have moderate puffiness, discoloration, and discomfort around the affected spot. Prescribed or drugstore pain relievers and cold compresses can help calm some post-treatment aches or pains. When the titanium post has fused with the jaw and the personal piece is placed, it's crucial to follow a regular oral care program with proper brushing and flossing practices. When individuals come to Center for Dentofacial Aesthetics for their biannual dental appointments, we will use fine dental tools to disinfect their implants and assess the health of their tooth replacements.

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Thanks to developments in today's dental techniques, there are a variety of natural-looking methods to fill in lost teeth. Dr. Aggarwal and Dr. Perez are pleased to offer dental implants for dentures, crowns, and bridges as durable tooth replacements to Annandale, VA individuals. To discuss your options for replacing decayed or missing teeth, schedule your visit to the Center for Dentofacial Aesthetics.

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Are dental implants painful?
Dental implants are generally very comfortable and the placement process isn't painful. The Center for Dentofacial Aesthetics uses oral anesthesia to numb the area, and we may also offer sedation options if needed. You may experience slight discomfort for a few days after your procedure, but this can be managed with over-the-counter medications.
How do you care for dental implants?
Your dental implants can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. It's important to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, visit Dr. Perez and Dr. Aggarwal regularly for professional cleanings, and avoid chewing hard objects or using tobacco products. With this simple routine, you can enjoy your new smile for life!
What happens if a dental implant fails?
Factors like gum disease or trauma due to an accident can lead to implant failure. If there is a problem with your dental implant, our Annandale, VA team will assess the issue and determine the best course of action for restoring your smile. Depending on the situation, it may be possible to replace the failed implant or discuss other tooth replacement options.
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